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Please read Part 1 and 2 in the first place - Gf is the first time in the club transforms me into a masturbation juicyclips directly bf Part 3 My girlfriend became a complete bitch in front of my eyes. I sat there and just watch. The new man began to build their own pace, I knew what was coming. He grabbed my hips and Mel growled as he shot his load up my girlfriend is the delight of Martin, who encourage one. The new man was holding him in the butt for a few seconds and then retired, spreading her ass shows me how much he did. I could start throwing the semen to see, this was simply too much for me and soon I masturbated to orgasm and shot him everywhere. The new man took his clothes, beat Melanie ass again and left the room. Martin was not over yet. He thanked his hard cock and Mel got in the back. He lifted her legs over his shoulders as hell enetered again soon. juicyclips He took off his blindfold and kissed Mel sorry 'to her boyfriend juicyclips that it was not long and theass ', he said, '.. I'm going to do a job next time, ' Mel seemed to me, eyes glazed orgasm again while Martin Hahn, and then turned and kissed him, Martin Martin. pushed further back legs were now almost behind his head as he fucked her increasingly difficult. whined 'cum in my Martin 'Mel ' cum juicyclips on your bitch. 'I had never heard of like my girlfriend before, was as Martin had a spell put on them. He must have been only four or five hits to your needs before downloading to your seed. ' Good girl, 'he juicyclips said as he pulled and stood up. ' I hope you juicyclips enjoy your partner, the GF is a big devil,' he said as he pulled. Mel was lying in bed, tried to catch his breath. Mel gave his number (just in front of me ) and then left the room. Mel got out of bed and walked over to me and thanked me with a kiss. 'It could be used to get,' she said as she handed her dress again. decided to take a drink at the bar after cOuld trio relax after HER. When we sat down and took a sip of champagne, I saw a few drops of semen running down her thighs. Suddenly I remembered Martin put his thong in the pocket before he had just stolen. So I was sitting at the bar with my girlfriend, command and was leaking cum like a broken faucet. 'It's your milk,' he said as he wanted to clean it with a handkerchief. If they knew the truth! finally left the club after another glass of champagne and went home. As soon as he came, he grabbed me and took me to the bedroom. He and jumped on the bed: ' I'm still hot babe ' he said. I also went and closed it. I could still see traces of Martin and the other guys cum all over her pussy and ass. Mel took me to her, and went into her pussy and fucked. This was my first experience of what is here called the 'Sloppy Seconds'. God was so relaxed Mel, but not take long for me oragasm. I just thought in the past2 hours of my life. I emptied my balls added to the juicyclips sperm was in her and rolled. Mel did not lie with a big smile on his face. She asked me if I liked to share it with Martin. I said yes, but he lied to feel guilty, juicyclips I tell you what happened ? I decided it was best to keep it secret. I rolled a bit of sleep, when the phone was off, to get a text. 'Who is it? ' I asked. Mel read the text, which was Martin.
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